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School Awareness Programme

  BECT conducts a School Awareness Programme in the rural districts of Sri Lanka, where there are incidents of human-elephant conflict. The programme consists of a half-day session in each school, where the children are given lectures/presentations on Sri Lanka’s biodiversity and elephants.

  Objectives of the programme
  The objective of the Schools’ Awareness Program is to create an awareness amongst the children living in the areas where there are human-elephant conflicts on:
1. The value of elephants
2. Their ecology, biology and physiology
3. Their role in the religion and culture of the country

How and why elephants cause damage to crops and houses, and cause human fatalities and how children and their families can contribute to minimize conflict

5. Of the need to conserve elephants for the future
  With the knowledge that is imparted to the children, they will have a better understanding and appreciation of the problem of human-elephant conflicts and know in greater detail about the natural and socio-cultural history of the elephants. This will reduce the negative attitude towards the elephant by the local communities, especially among the younger generations, so that they can then be persuaded to take a more positive role in the conservation of elephants. For the last ten years the Biodiversity & Elephant Conservation Trust has conducted 1,500 Schools’ Awareness Programs at a rate of 150 schools each year. The children are given a thorough knowledge of the elephant and shown how elephants and humans can live in harmony. Through this program we have reached over 90,000 children in the nine years. This program is ongoing.
  Funding has come mainly from the US Fish & Wildlife Service, Nagao Natural Environment Foundation and many US, UK and European Zoos.

Sri Lanka's Dialog Telekom PLC funded our programme of 150 schools in 2008.

  We also identify the lack of essential resources in some schools (clean drinking water, library books, educational material) and attempt to help, within our capacity or try to link up with third parties who are willing to help.

In the last ten years the Program has been conducted in over 1,500 schools in 11 districts in Sri Lanka. The average attendance at a session is 120 children. In these ten years we have reached 180,000 children.

  Schools completed from 2002 to 2011
  2002   155 schools
  2003   150 schools
  2004   154 schools
  2005   152 schools
  2006   154 schools
  2007   157 schools
  2008   155 schools
  2009   154 schools
  2010   151 schools
  2011   147 schools
  2012   154 schools
  2013   151 schools
  Maps: Sri Lanka districts where schools programs were held
2007   2008   2009   2010
2011   2012   2013    
  Photo Gallery


A presentation during an awareness programme

  Children listening to a presentation
  Books and posters donated to the school
  Children who participated in a programme

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